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Windows : understanding synchronization status

Once you've downloaded the Leviia application to your computer and launched synchronization, you'll find a quick access window in your file explorer called Leviia. All your synchronized documents appear there with a synchronization status.

Status definitions :

Cloud means that your document is available in the cloud only. These documents will be unavailable to you if you are disconnected from the Internet.

If you double-click on the document to work on it while connected to the Internet, the status will change to the following :

This status means that your document is still hosted in the cloud and that a version has been temporarily copied locally until your PC is restarted.

In short: the version is still online, but you can open and modify the file directly from your file explorer. The changes will take effect on your online version.

Mirror" mode means that your document is synchronized locally with a copy in the cloud. Your file takes up local space and is copied to your online storage space.

Between each modification, the icon above indicates that synchronization is in progress.

How do I change my synchronization status ?

If you wish to have your documents in "Mirror" mode, right-click on the relevant file / folder in your file explorer, then click on "Always make available locally".

If, on the other hand, you have a file in "Mirror" mode and you no longer wish it to be stored locally, right-click on the file in your file explorer, then click on "Free local space".

You can perform the same action on all your synchronized documents by going to the Leviia application settings. Click on the 3 little dots to the right of your synchronization, then select the "Availability" option, and you'll be able to keep everything locally or free up local space.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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