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Windows : rename your files with special characters

First of all, to access this function, you need to download this Microsoft application :

Once the application is installed, go to the Leviia player as shown below :

Next, go to the folder where you wish to modify the characters.

Then right-click on the folder as shown in the photo and click on "PowerRename".

A new window will appear :

In the "Apply to" section, select "Filename Only" from the drop-down menu. Then in "Search for", put a dot (to find dots in files) but you can also put another special character like $ (depending on which one(s) you want). Then in the "Replace with" box, you'll need to put a dash.

This gives you :

Then click on the "Apply" button at bottom left. Your files will now be renamed as you wish.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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