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TrueNAS : connecting your TrueNAS NAS to your Leviia Drive

To synchronize your TrueNAS NAS with Leviia, go to the TrueNAS administration panel.

Click on "System > Cloud Credentials".

In the "Cloud Credentials" tab, click on "ADD".

Then fill in the form with the following information :

Name : Leviia (or other)
Provider : WebDAV
URL : [YourUsername]
WebDAV service : OTHER
Username : Your username
Password : Your Leviia token

Then click on "SUBMIT".

Your Leviia login should appear under "Account Name". To set up a synchronization, click on "Task > Cloud Sync Task".

In the "Cloud Sync Task" tab, click on "ADD".

Here, you need to fill in the information according to your needs :
Description : Synchro-Leviia (or other)
Credential : What you entered before (here Leviia (WEBDAV))
Direction : PUSH (to send)
Transfer Mode : SYNC (for synchronization)

For more information on each field, click on "?" (to the right of the field).

Choose the local folder you wish to synchronize and create an empty folder on Leviia (here Synchro-Leviia). You can then choose the synchronization period (here, every evening at midnight).

Here you have access to advanced settings such as encryption or bandwidth limit. Configure these to suit your needs (or leave empty to have the default configuration). Then click on "SUBMIT".

Finally, your task should appear in the "Cloud Sync Task" tab. You can view summary information by clicking on the arrow on the right. Click on "RUN NOW" to start synchronization immediately.

After successful synchronization, you should see the message "SUCCESS" and your files should be synchronized between your NAS and Leviia :)

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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