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Hybrid Backup Sync : connect your Qnap NAS with your Leviia Drive

Go to your Qnap NAS administration interface, download and install the "HBS 3 Hybrid Backup Sync" application.

Before launching a synchronization, you need to create what Qnap calls a storage space. To do this, once the HBS 3 application has been launched, click on "Storage space" and then on "Create".

Choose the WebDAV protocol.

Set up the form as follows :

Name : Leviia (or other)
User ID : Your Leviia ID
Password : Your Leviia token

Then click on "Create".

Now that the storage space has been created, let's set up the synchronization. To do this, click on "Synchronization" and choose the type of synchronization you want. Here, we'll choose bidirectional.

In the synchronization parameters, choose WebDAV and select your account.

In the folder selection, choose the folder on your NAS you wish to synchronize. Then create an empty folder on Leviia (here backup-qnap) and add it to remote storage. Then click "Next".

Choose the schedule (by clicking on +).

Finally, choose the file filters (which we'll leave here by default), then on the summary page check your information and click "Create".

You'll find your synchronization task, which should start automatically according to your schedule. To start synchronization manually, click on "Synchronize now".

Your documents on your Qnap NAS and Leviia are now automatically synchronized

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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