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Cloud Sync : connect your Synology NAS with your Leviia Drive

Go to the administration interface of your Synology NAS, download and install the "Cloud Sync" application.

Once the CloudSync application has been launched, select the WebDAV protocol.

Click "Next" to configure the server address.

Server address : (Remove last / at the end)
User account : antoine - Replace "antoine" with your user name.
Password : Teach your Leviia token .

Click "Next" to configure synchronization.

If you leave the "Root folder" option set to "Remote path", you won't be able to create other synchronization tasks later. So select a folder that has been created on your Leviia storage space.
If you check the "Data encryption" box, the synchronized data cannot be used on the Leviia web interface, and an error message will be displayed: "Invalid or corrupted file".

Choose your local folder and the one on Leviia, then click on "Scheduling parameters" to set up the automation.

Click on "OK" then "Next" to reach the summary.

Check that your information is correct, then click "Apply".
Your NAS should start synchronizing. Let it do its job, depending on your network, disk speed and file size. The first synchronization may take hours, days or even weeks. Subsequent synchronizations will be faster, as your NAS will only send back modified data.

Check from time to time that the synchronization is running correctly. When synchronization is complete, your NAS should say "Up to date".
Your NAS is now backing up automatically!

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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