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CloudSync: connect your Synology NAS to your Leviia object storage (S3 compatible)

In order to connect your Synology NAS to your Leviia object storage space using the CloudSync tool, you must first create a identifier and a bucket.

Go to the administration interface of your Synology NAS, download and install the "Cloud Sync" application.

Once the CloudSync application has been launched, choose the S3 storage protocol.

Fill in the following fields as follows:

S3 server: custom server URL
Server address:
Signature Version : v4
Access key: the access key for your identifier, which you'll find on the dashboard in the " identifiers" section.
Secret key: the secret key for your identifier, which you will find on the dashboard in the "identifiers" section.
Bucket name: click on the drop-down menu to display your buckets.

In this window, click on the directory to select the source folder whose data is to be transferred to your object storage space.

Here we select a folder we've created called "test_s3".

Fill in the following fields:

Connection name: enter a name for your connection.
Game size: leave the default 128 MB option.
Uncheck the "enable advanced consistency checking" option.

You can check the "data encryption" box if you wish.

If you wish to set up a transfer schedule, click on "schedule parameters".

Once the window is open, you'll be able to schedule your transfers according to the desired times, then click on "OK".

Click on "Next".

A summary of your information appears. Click on "Done" to start synchronization.

Synchronization works.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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