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Android: install the Leviia application


Have an Android device

There are two ways to connect the Leviia application to your storage space.

With the QR code (recommended) :
Go to your storage space in the "Settings" tab.

In the "Security" tab, click on "Create a new application password".

Click on "Display QR code for mobile applications". A QR code should appear.

Open the application on your Android device, click on "Connect" and then on the QR code icon :

Scan the QR code displayed on your storage space.

The application is connected to your account :

With your login and password :

Open the application, click on "Login" and then, if you have a Pro offer, enter the address of your instance, otherwise leave the address pre-filled and click on the arrow :

Enter your Leviia login and click on "Connect" :

Click on "Connect" then "Authorize access" :

The application is connected to your account :

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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