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Activate and implement dual authentication (also known as 2FA or OTP)


Have sent an activation request to
Have installed a 2FA application on your smartphone (here we use "2FA Authenticator ")

Once your 2FA activation has been validated by support, go to and enter your login and password.

A QR Code is displayed on your computer and you are asked to enter a one-time code.

To obtain this single-use code, go to your "2FA Authenticator" mobile application. Scan the Qr Code to access it, then enter it in the field.

Click on "Register" to access your space.

When you log in again, you will no longer need to scan the QR Code when you log on in the future. The single-use code will be provided to you in the "2FA Authenticator " application, and you'll need to enter it on this screen :

What if I can't scan the QR code ?

Click on "Unable to scan?"

Enter the key in your application "2FA Authenticator ".

Enter the single-use code provided by "2FA Authenticator " then click on "Save".

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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