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Mac : connect the LeviiaSync application

First, you need to download the Mac application by clicking on this link.

Once downloaded, open the file.

Install the application via the installer.

Search for "LeviiaSync" among your applications to start it.

Click on "Connect" then on "Next".

A page on your browser will open. Click on "Connect" then on "Authorize access".

Once the connection has been established, this window opens, asking you to click "Yes" to start synchronization directly with the default settings.

If you don't want to start synchronization right away, you can do so later by opening the application from your toolbar, clicking on your name in the top left-hand corner and then on "Settings".

Click on "Add folder synchronization".

Once your synchronization is complete, you'll find the "LeviiaSync" tab on your Finder with your synchronized documents.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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