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iOS : automatically synchronize your new photos

On your iPhone, open the Leviia application. Click on "More" at bottom right (menu with three horizontal bars).

Go to "Settings".

Then click on "Send automatically".

Once in "Automatic upload", slide the "Upload photos automatically" button to the right. A window will appear, asking you to grant Leviia access to your photos.

If this is not displayed, go to Settings > Leviia> Photos and tick the option that suits you best.

Then click on "Select the "Auto-send" folder.

You'll be asked to name a new folder, which for this example we'll call "Photos".

Then click on "Select".

It is also possible to automatically generate sub-folders to sort uploaded photos by year, month and day.

To do this, go to the following menu: More > Settings > Auto-send. Check the "Use subfolders" option.

The "Sub-folder granularity" option lets you set the parameters for creating folders to sort your photos. For this example, we'll select the "Monthly" option, which will automatically create a folder named according to the current year, and within it a folder named according to the current month.

Automatically uploaded photos will now be stored in the Photos folder (the one we've created and associated with automatic upload), then in sub-folders corresponding to the date the photos were uploaded.

Example: if we take a photo in December 2023, the photo will be in the following location : Photos > 2023 > 12.

Now, when you take a new photo, it will be automatically synchronized with your Leviia space in the selected folder. However, there are a few things to remember before the transfer can take place :

The Leviia application must be open and active (i.e. open in the foreground).
We strongly advise you to be connected to a wifi network for the transfer to work correctly.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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